Susan Rodriguez: Artist • Educator • Author

Susan Rodriguez is an artist, author, and educator. Susan is a seasoned lecturer in arts and culture and a teacher whose appearances and lectures span the globe. She is on the faculty at The University of the Arts as an adjunct professor. She teaches pre-service graduate-level art education and specializes in cultural inclusion. She also coordinates professional development teacher programs that employ collaborations between The University of the Arts and regional museums.

In her years with the School District of Philadelphia's Overbrook Educational Center, she was awarded numerous grants and commendations for her work in visual arts with sight-impaired and blind students. Susan was named The 1996 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, The Disney American Teacher in Visual Arts for 1993-1994, and The Milken Family Foundation Outstanding Educator in 1994-1995.

Susan is an exhibiting artist with a deep belief in the connection between studio production and learning overall. She has published several books, including Culture Smart: Multicultural Appreciation Through Art. Susan is a strong advocate for multicultural arts education, special needs inclusionary education, art education, and museum appreciation.

"These three groundbreaking book programs alone testify that Susan Rodriguez-author, educator and artist-is a practitioner of the highest rank. She has assisted infinite numbers of educators to teach disabled students with The Special Artists Handbook...and brought art history alive in the classroom with her seminal curricular work, Art Smart! In her magnum opus, Culture Smart!, Rodriguez filled a gaping hole for art teachers in learning and teaching multicultural art. Susan Rodriguez is an exceptional leader. Her contributions have advanced the field of art education".

-- Helen Hume, author of The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, The Art Lover's Almanac....and many other art resource books.


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